Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2017 Spoilers: Top 5 Moments from Episode 5- Amnesia Appetizers by Bridget Conrad

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2017 Spoilers: Top 5 Moments from Episode 5- Amnesia Appetizers

by Bridget Conrad
On last night's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2017 titled,"Amnesia Appetizers," Dorit continued to make enemies among the women. During a dinner party at her home, she and PK expressed an opinion about Eileen that didn't sit well with Lisa R. Although, once Eileen got wind of it and confronted Dorit, Dorit conveniently didn't remember the conversation. Later, Lisa R. and Erika got to know a new friend, and Camille hosted a luncheon at her new home in Malibu. For more on what happened during last night's episode of RHOBH 2017, read below in our RHOBH 2017 spoilers.
Erika's first impression of Dorit was definitely not a good one.
Last night's episode of RHOBH 2017 began when Dorit added Lisa R. and Eileen to her list of enemies in the group. Not only did she and PK criticize how Eileen grieved after the loss of her mother, but they also assumed that Lisa R. and Eileen's feud with Lisa V. had to do with the losses these two women had in their families. When Eileen approached Dorit about her comments, Dorit conveniently had no recollection of the conversation at her dinner party. We also met new friend of the housewives, Eden Sassoon, who is the daughter of hair icon, Vidal Sassoon. Finally, some of the women attended a luncheon at Camille's house, where Dorit shaded Erika's music career. There were many dramatic moments on RHOBH 2017 last night, but read below to see our top 5 moments.
5. PK and Dorit Have Many Opinions
Dorit and PK got the wrong idea about Lisa R. and Eileen's feud with Lisa V.
Amidst conversation during a dinner party at Dorit and PK's house, Lisa R. admitted that she apologized to Lisa V. at Dorit's birthday party because in hindsight she realized she was hard on her. Although, Lisa R. was only hard on Lisa V. because she needed Lisa V. to admit her wrongdoings, but Lisa V. wasn't capable of that. In PK's opinion, the feud between these two women stemmed from a lack of understanding. As Lisa R. was told by another dinner guest to let petty issues go, she agreed and said that was exactly what she did.  PK interjected that it took her a year to let it go, so that's not really letting it go. PK was oddly interested in Lisa R's conflict with Lisa V and seemed to know more than he should know about the situation, which led Lisa R. to believe that Lisa V. fed him information. When PK asked Lisa R. to explain the conflict with Lisa V. she said she didn't want to keep it alive and life was too short to relive things like that. Sadly, Lisa R. lost her father this year, but that loss made her appreciate the important things more. Lisa R. then mentioned that Eileen lost six people in her family in the last year, which fueled PK's assumption that Lisa R. and Eileen's feud with Lisa V. was because of the losses they experienced. During the height of conflict among the women, Eileen had just lost her mother and no one knew. Ultimately, PK and Dorit felt that Eileen was unfair to the group by not telling them because you have to allow others to understand your circumstances. 

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